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Tools for career advisors as a response to the developing labor market and ne professions


On October 17-18, the inaugural meeting of the “Ready to start” project took place in Skopije! We would like to thank the IMPULSI Partner for organizing the kick of the meeting. The meeting was not just a formal start of the project. It was a very fruitful and productive meeting during which we discussed the activities and results we want to achieve.

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Learning Outcomes In Adult Education

On July 1, 2023, we officially launched a new project with EVACO from Poland, “Learning Outcomes in adult education” . We started with a kickoff meeting at Impulsi in Skopje, Macedonia

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Educator as a pilar of social inclusion in adult education

Program: Erasmus+

Project number: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-ADU-000035239

Duration of the project: 02.2022-01.2024

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Европскиот проект „HoReCa4VET – Квалификации на пазарот на труд – патоказ за намалување на јазот во компетенциите помеѓу образованието и пазарот на труд во ХоРеКа секторот“ развива модел за валидација и сертификација на компетентност за оние кои сакаат да развијат, стекнат и потврдaт квалификации во секторот HORECA.

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Tech2nicians: Training of VET students to acquire technical and business skills to enter the hydrogen market is EU funded Erasmus+ Project

The aim of this project is to create the learning curricula of a specialization module for vocational education training to become a specialist in hydrogen technician through the collaboration of a VET center, entrepreneurial experts, and experienced research centers. These studies will train professionals to be able to cover the stages of manufacture of an electrolyzer and how to use this knowledge to create a green business.

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Promoting new adult education opportunities at local level (Adults@local)

From 1st November 2021 till 31st May 2023 the Foundation Smart minds together with training and human resources center Samerimpeks Impulsi DOO Skopje from The Republic of North Macedonia implements Erasmus+ programme KA210-ADU Small-scale partnerships in adult education  Project “Promoting new adult education opportunities at local level (Adults@local)” (Project No.2021-1-LV01-KA210-ADU-000034001).

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