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Nowadays, the labor market is changing very quickly, and the geopolitical situation affects the situation on the markets. The last two years of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the economic crisis require young people not only to have appropriate qualifications, but also the ability to build a career in a dynamic environment. The Future of Jobs Report 2020 prepared by the World Economic Forum indicates that in the next 5 years the key skills for future employees will be: analysis and problem solving, creativity, leadership and introducing changes, digital and soft skills. This is confirmed by Cedefop in the Skills Forecast 2030 report. Adecco Poland (2021) indicates that the most important skills of young employees are: the ability to work in a team, creativity and innovation, communication and negotiations, technological skills and the ability to learn throughout life.

Tools for career advisors will help young people acquire skills that are not only desired by employers, but also useful in everyday life. Thanks to this, young people will be more willing to participate in training and vocational education, which will increase the attractiveness of these activities. These tools will be flexible because career counselors will be able to use them in different contexts and for different target groups. Thanks to this, they will be available to everyone, regardless of education level, age or skills. As a result, this project will contribute to increasing the flexibility and diversity of the vocational education and training offer. Moreover, these tools will be flexible and available to different target groups, which will contribute to increasing the flexibility and diversity of the VET offer, in line with the priorities of the Erasmus+ Program.



  • Optimization of work tools for career advisors
  • Greater opportunities for young people on the labor market
  • Better career prospects
  • Stable position of young employees on the labor market
  • Increasing the flexibility and attractiveness of vocational education and training


  • 1 guide for career advisors on building a career path
  • 3 educational sets for conducting career workshops with a multimedia case
  • tools that diagnose and support predisposition tests
  • evaluation report after pilot testing
  • improving the knowledge and skills of career advisors, adapting them to the current needs of the labor market



On October 17-18, the inaugural meeting of the “Ready to start” project took place in Skopije! We would like to thank the IMPULSI Partner for organizing the kick of the meeting. The meeting was not just a formal start of the project. It was a very fruitful and productive meeting during which we discussed the activities and results we want to achieve.

We have initially discussed the scope of coaching sessions in the area of ​​professional career. Additionally, we have developed a preliminary list of future professions that our beneficiaries will learn through a multimedia game developed as part of the project.

The future professions on our preliminary map are: Data Analyst, Business Analyst in the field of Genetic Materials, Virtual and Augmented Reality Specialist, Quality Tester, Cybersecurity Specialist, Hydrogen Technician, Photovoltaic Technician, IT Solutions Technician AI-based, Data Ethics Officer, Vegan Farmer, Cricket Breeder.

The project has started – let’s get started!



The Importance of Career Advisors in Supporting Young People Define Their Career Paths

Navigating the path towards a successful career can be daunting for young individuals, especially amidst
evolving industries and economic landscapes. This is where the role of career advisors becomes crucial.
Career advisors provide invaluable support and guidance to young people as they define and pursue
their career paths. Let's explore why this guidance is so important:

Career advisors bring expertise and insight into the world of work that young people may not yet
possess. They are knowledgeable about different industries, job roles, educational pathways, and
market trends. This expertise allows them to guide young individuals in making informed decisions
based on current and future career prospects.

The main point Career advisors need to understand and focus on is the fact that each individual has
unique skills, interests, and aspirations. Career advisors therefor offer personalized coaching techniques
to adapt to the specific needs and goals of each young person. They listen to aspirations, points of view,
needs and wishes of the client. Making career decisions involves considering various factors such as
interests, skills, values, market demand, and personal circumstances. Career advisors conduct
assessments empowering young people to make confident and well-informed decisions by weighing
these factors and aligning them with realistic career goals.

Young people may not be aware of the full range of career options available to them. Career advisors
lead them generate as many as possible vivid options of diverse career paths and help them explore
different industries, roles, and educational opportunities. This exposure expands their horizons and
empowers them to make educated choices.

Defining a career path can be challenging and may involve setbacks. Career advisors provide
encouragement, build confidence, and foster resilience in young individuals. They offer support during
times of uncertainty, helping individuals stay motivated and focused on their goals.
In the dynamic job market, influenced by technological advancements, economic shifts, and societal
changes, Career advisors needs to stay updated with industry trends and changes, preparing young
individuals to adapt to evolving demands and seize emerging opportunities.
The impact of effective career guidance extends beyond immediate career decisions. It sets the
foundation for lifelong learning, career development, and personal fulfillment. Investing in professional
guidance early on can yield significant long-term benefits for young individuals.
Career advisors play a vital role in supporting young people as they define their career paths. Their
expertise, guidance, and encouragement empower individuals to explore, develop, and pursue fulfilling
careers aligned with their passions and aspirations. By investing in career guidance, we invest in the
future success and well-being of our youth, contributing to a skilled, adaptable, and motivated

Therefor within our Erasmus+ project Ready to start, No: 2023-1-PL01-KA210-VET-000153013 we are
developing "A Guide for Career Advisors on Building Young People's Career Paths". This guide aims to
equip advisors with the necessary skills and tools to effectively guide their clients towards successful
career paths amidst contemporary labor market challenges.

The Guide is coming soon.