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Project number: 2022-2-PL01-KA210-ADU-000094502
Duration of the project: 01.07.2023-30.06.2024
Leader – EVACO, Poland
Partner – IMPULSI, Macedonia


Task 1 Gathering information and European good practices in defining learning outcomes and methods of their verification in adult education

The entire task will involve the following stages:

Stage 1: Expert Meeting – detailed determination of stages, outlining work and directions of team activities.
Stage 2: It will involve the analysis of desk research in partner countries.
Stage 3: Gathering good practices from the European market.
Stage 4: Design thinking workshops (methodological) with international subject-matter experts on defining learning outcomes and methodologies. This will allow for an understanding of verification methods in adult education and existing systems of definition, ultimately leading to the development of a training program for educators. The workshops will be conducted online.
Stage 5: Collaborative development of a universal report summarizing the acquired knowledge and good practices, describing the ways of defining adult learning outcomes and methods of their verification.
Stage 6: Preparation of recommendations for the development of training programs for educators in the field.

Task 2 Preparation and Testing of Training Materials
The entire activity includes various actions such as:

• Closed thematic meetings with experts
• Webinars and internal training sessions
• Working groups
• Collaboration on the creation of materials, infographics, and thematic analyses by partners
• Participation in new initiatives
• Joint efforts to promote the idea of defining learning outcomes for adult learners
• Mutual learning and the development of innovative solutions

Educational materials will consist of at least 3 modules:

• The importance of proper definition of learning outcomes and methods of validation for learners, educators, experts, assessors, and stakeholders (module prepared by the leader).
• Proper definition of learning outcomes (module prepared by the partner).
• Proper determination of validation methods (module prepared by the leader).

Each module will consist of at least:

• Self-assessment of participants’ existing knowledge and skills.
• Module scenario for educators (including the definition of learning outcomes).
• Multimedia presentation.
• Three podcasts.
• Four quizzes.
• Ten exercises.
• Verification process scenario.

In addition to the developed training materials, the following are among the results:

• Dissemination of educational materials through 3 webinars – each scenario will be presented as a webinar (open online meeting for interested participants, with a minimum of 10 people per group). Educators, tutors, NGOs, and training organizations will be invited, allowing for substantive and methodological evaluation of the proposed solutions.
• Promotion of project products online.


Check out the mid term REPORT